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Gripen – The Smart Fighter was a project travelling very far away from the box. Saab wanted to try a completely different style for this film and they got what they asked for.
First I designed the griffin character; he needed to be cute and friendly, yet able to turn fierce and aggressive in the blink of an eye. Throughout the film, he’s explaining all the benefits a country gets from doing business with Saab, investing in the Gripen fighter jet.

My idea was to make it a bit like a children’s story, set in the time of King Arthur. There were so many good metaphors I could use by doing so. So I made storyboards for the different scenes and after a few meetings with the very open minded project leaders at Saab it was time to start production.
I had so much fun animating the characters and to top it all off we chose a Scottish voice over, reading the script with great enthusiasm!

I even 3d printed our hero, the griffin, as a personal souvenir.